What is Hot line Insulator Washing?

Hot Line  (aka Live Line) insulator washing is a procedure to clean dirty or  contaminated insulators using a high pressure, high flow water stream.  Insulators are washed to prevent flashovers.  The water used must have  low conductivity.  The typical upper limit for conductivity is approximately 400 Micro-Siemens.  The water pressure is approximately 400 to 500 psi at the nozzle and typically under 200 psi at impact with the insulator. Normally only glass and porcelain insulators require live line washing. In polluted environments, it may be necessary to wash multiple times per calendar year.


Insulator Washing Units

Note: All Insulator washer units are custom manufactured to the end user specifications.  So any specifications given can be modified as necessary.

Insulator washer skids

Mount this unit on your own truck chassis.

Insulator washer trailer

Trailer unit - perfect for washing substations.  These units are custom built to your specifications.

Integrated washer unit

Order a fully integrated unit with an aerial platform.

Washing videos

Technical Specifications

Base skid is Fabricated of Steel Channel, Tool Storage Compartment
 with Integral Crossmembers Access Steps to Reach Access Dome
Diesel Engine, 110 HP @ 2,500 RPM, Four Cylinder Hand-Held Wash Gun
Stainless Steel Water Tank, 304 Stainless Steel Throttle
Electronic Water Level Sensor is Provided Constant Conductivity Monitor Provided in Tank
Four Lifting Eyes Provided for Removing Tank When Empty Portable Resistivity Tester
Four-Stage, High-Pressure Centrifugal Water Pump Automatic Low Water Shutdown
Top or Bottom Fill Available on Water Tank with Strainer Painted White
Hose Reel – Electric Rewind with 150 ft (45.7 m) Length of Two (2) Operator’s and Two (2) Maintenance/ Parts
3/4 in (19 mm) Diameter Hose, Non-Conductive Manuals
Second Wash Gun Assembly, Includes Reel, Hand-Held Wash Gun Grounding System
Wash Gun, and Throttle System Extra Manuals
Spare Wash Gun Assembly Mild Steel Tank
Spare Water Nozzle(s) Auxiliary Input System
Different flow Nozzle diameters Auxiliary Output System
Additional Portable Conuctivity Tester Spare Tire and Wheel
Trailer Grounding System Different hose lengths
Tank Capacity  as required
Operating Range with 1/4” (6.4 mm) Nozzle-
Each Gun Flow Adjustable to Maximum 44 GPM 167 LPM
Each Gun Pressure Adjustable to Maximum
Single Wash Gun Each 800 PSI 5,515 kPa
Two Wash Gun Each 650 PSI 4,481 kPa
7540 lbs 3423 kg